Child Protection Services

Child Protection Services offered by Social Services, aim’s to investigate cases of neglect, abuse and abandonment.

The reporter should have knowledge of what occurred to constitute the abuse; information on the victim he/she is making the report on i.e. name, age, date of birth, parents/guardian’s name, age, address,      telephone ,school or some identifying information which will enable the Child Protection Unit to be able to contact and/or remove the child if necessary.

Emergency cases are dealt with immediately by the relevant agencies (e.g. Police). Other cases are referred to the relevant agencies for further intervention (e.g. Department of Social Services). Once an investigation begins, the victim and parent/guardian are required to visit the Department of Social Services, Child Protection Unit and a home investigation will follow.

To report suspected abuse or neglect:

The National Child Abuse Hotline (242) 322 – 2763 is available 24 hours daily including weekends and holidays. Persons from the Family Islands wishing to access this service can dial (242) 322-2763.

For placement, available child care facilities:

Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home

Bahamas Children’s Emergency Hostel

Ranfurly Home for Children 

Coleby House

Bilney Lane Children’s Home

The Nazareth Centre

The Grand Bahama Children’s Home

The Old Bight Children’s Home on Cat Island