Disability Assistance

The Disability Affairs Division provides support and services to persons with disability to enhance their quality of life and empower them to take full advantage of opportunities to become independent, full participants in all aspects of society. Additionally, the Division seeks to sensitise the public and heighten awareness about the abilities, concerns, and needs of persons with disabilities.

Services offered persons with disabilities:

Disability Allowance

Cash allowance for adults and children with disabilities.

Financial Assistance for:

  • Assistive Devices – To acquire prostheses, orthotics, walkers, specialised wheelchairs, canes, hearing aids, eyeglasses, etc.
  • Medical Services, Travel and Supplies – To assist people with disabilities who have excessive medical expenses.

Who Qualifies?

  1. Must be a Bahamian citizen or permanent resident. 
  2. Medical letter verifying disability. 
  3. Inability to afford the cost of services without financial assistance.
  4. Meet Needs Assessment criteria.   

What Documents Are Needed?

  • Valid Passport or Voter’s Card (from most recent election) and
  •  National Insurance Smart Card.
  • Three (3) quotations for assistive devices from vendors with approved government clearance.

Steps For Applying:

  1. Call or visit the Disability Affairs Division.
  2. Provide ALL documents required for service.
  3. Intake (Request Application) is completed.
  1. Request is assigned to a Caseworker.
  1. A Social History Report, inclusive of Home Visit Assessment, is completed by Caseworker. 
  1. Outcome of request is provided by Caseworker within three (3) weeks of Intake date – ideally. 

ALL requests are subject to APPROVAL.
For more inquires, you can reach the division directly at 325-2252/325-226