Food Assistance Programme

Food Assistance Programme provides assistance to persons who have encountered hardship and are unable to provide food for themselves and their families. This includes persons who have insufficient or no income to provide for their basic needs. Persons who are impacted by a nationally-declared or local disaster may also benefit from this Programme.

This service provides food coupons or payment via digital wallet providers or by BOB VISA Pre-paid Cards which may be used at selected supermarkets in New Providence and the Family Islands.

There are two types of food assistance:

  1. Assistance for persons who need emergency temporary assistance (under three months) (EFA) and is usually issued the same day as application.
  2. Assistance for persons who need ongoing assistance (PFA) for twelve months and will be reassessed for continued provision. Temporary assistance (EFA) may be issued to these applicants while the application for PFA is being processed. The numerical amounts of the monthly food assistance varies depending on the number of dependents in each household.


  • You must be a Bahamian Citizen or Bahamas Permanent Resident
  • Be a person earning minimum wage or lower
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Be the Head of the Household
  • Have a valid Passport for Applicant and each member of the Household
  • Have a NIB smart card for Applicant and each member of the Household
  • Have a valid Government-issued identity document ( passport, voter’s card or driver’s licence)
  • Have a Bahamas Permanent Resident certificate/card if applicable
  • Have a Pay Slip/Job Letter/Termination Letter or any other document to show need
  • Have a Letter from Employer (on company letter head and signed by a company representative) or Work ID issued by businesses in tourism/hospitality sector, or a copy of the unemployment stamped application submitted to NIB. 

Register now via the online portal to apply.