Elderly Care & Housing

Yellow Elder Day Care Center: Care is available to seniors 60 years and older whose families require respite, socialization, and a secure environment for their independent loved ones during the daytime. The Centre is located in Yellow Elder Gardens and operates from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Rental Units

Thirty-nine (39) rental units are available for independent, low-income seniors who cannot meet the financial requirements of private apartment complexes. Four (4) of these complexes are multi-generational, housing residents of all ages. Nineteen (19) apartments in these multi-generational complexes are reserved for seniors. Additionally, four (4) complexes comprising of twenty (20) apartments are reserved exclusively for seniors. The complexes are located in the following areas:

Augusta Street

Bimini Avenue 

Finlayson Street

Lewis Street

Newbold Street

Sutton Street

Toote Shop Corner

Windsor Lane

Group Homes

There are three (3) Assisted Living Government Group Homes. These homes provide housing for persons who are independent but require supervised and supportive care.

The Demetrius Centre is located in Royal Valley Subdivision, Fox Hill Road. It is managed by the Department of Social Services.

The Naomi Christie Care Centre is   located in Jasmine Gardens off Zion Boulevard. It is managed by The Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church.

The Mary Ingraham Intergenerational Centre is managed by the Bahamas Conference of Seventh Day Adventists. The Centre is located in Faith Subdivision, off Faith Avenue.