National Health Insurance

How to apply:

You are eligible to enroll if:

  1. You have been issued a NIB Smart Card; and
  2. You are either a citizen of The Bahamas or a legal resident of The Bahamas

Should you wish to complete a physical application, please download one here. Fill it out and return to our office located on East St & Purpose Way. 


Please review the NHIA Privacy Policy for more details on how beneficiary personal health information is protected.
Pick your doctor

Click here to download a full list of registered providers and labs.

Or view our virtual listing.

Enrollment forms will be processed and persons can expect to receive either confirmation of their enrollment and Primary Care Provider selection within 10 business days, or be contacted to provide additional documentation. Confirmation notices will also provide the date when each person can access Primary Care services under NHI Bahamas at no cost at point of care.

If you enrollled more than 14 days ago and haven’t heard from us, first check your junk mail or spam folder in your email. Then, reach out to us at with your NIB number and Submission ID, and we’ll follow up on the status of your application.

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